Sunday, May 20, 2012

LEGOS! More Series 7 Minifigs!

So a few more figures from series seven have been added to my collection recently. Lets have a look shall we....

Computer Programmer

Galaxy Patrol

Tennis Ace

Viking Woman

No complaints about this batch of figures. I actually liked all the sculpts and paint jobs quite a bit. The Computer Programmer comes with a 'C:\' coffee mug and a laptop that actually opens up and has a screen and keyboard. Also where the 'brand name' is there is the LEGO imprint.

The Galaxy Patrol figure is just big and beefy and his head is two sided: one side is just the face and the other is the face with an orange looking tint over it to look like a visor in the helmet. Cool move Lego.

The Tennis Ace is...well....a tennis player. Looks good but its not very exciting to me. The Viking Woman is just fun as it could be both a Nordic princess or an opera singer. Seriously. She also has a two sided head and one side looks like she is singing (see the picture).

As always: LEGOS!