Monday, May 21, 2012

Quick Movie Review: Dark Shadows

This movie was a mixed bag. It was mediocre yet what it DID do wasn't terrible. It was laugh out loud funny at points and suspenseful at others but it couldn't make up it mind if it was a comedy or horror. It was smart and witty at points yet became bland and dull in equal parts.

All that said I still felt that it faithfully and truthfully recreated the feel of the original television series. For all its faults as a movie this was Dark Shadows.

I feel this movie will become a cult classic in the future. It will be the perfect movie to show on Valentines Day to be followed up with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are many who don't like this movie, called it a hot mess or other words I don't want to print but with my conflicted view of this movie I sure won't forget it. For good or ill it sticks with you.

And Chloe Moretz is the cutest werewolf you will see this year bar none.