Monday, July 2, 2012

QMR: Brave

Another winner from Disney and Pixar. As always it is beautiful to look at and expertly voice cast so no need to fear on those fronts.

The story is a rather heartwarming tale of the relationship between a mother and daughter all set within a old Scotland while steeped in Scottish myth and lore. It is the quintessential Disney princess story turned on its ear with a very strong lead in Merida and NO prince charming to save the day. Its a fable about independence, self reliance, the strength of family, growing up and taking responsibility. All the while showing to do those things in life and to accept the challenges ahead of you truly makes you brave.

This movie is also the first one this year that got a standing ovation from the audience I was with when it ended. Not even The Avengers got that. Do see this movie.