Monday, July 2, 2012

QMR: Prometheus

A brilliantly entertaining time at the movies for me. Yes, this is a prequel to the 'Alien' movie franchise. Yes some of the larger questions are left somewhat vague for the purpose of discussion. However the immeadiate questions in the movie itself are all answered and for the life of me I just don't see all the glaring plot holes quite a few reviewers are speaking of. I found ONE that didn't make sense but all the others were answered in the film.

Heck just talking to some of my friends who saw this flick I could tell by their answers to how they saw scenes that they missed quite a bit of the subtle plot reveals and after pointing out those misses I got 'Oh, well that now makes sense.'.

I enjoyed this, I really enjoyed this. It is a nice change to get a somewhat harder Sci-fi movie in theaters and I'm glad it was one that not only was beautiful in visuals but gave the sense of wonder, paranoia and terror all rolled into one. I loved the principal cast in this movie with Rapace and Fassbender giving strong preformances. In fact Fassbender damn near steals the whole movie as David.

 Prometheus makes the audience ask bigger questions during the movie and even after it ends. So with that said, before seeing this, ask yourself what are your expectations of this movie? Are you looking for another 'Alien'? 'Aliens'? Or something new all together? Its the same universe, its also not its predecessors but something new yet feels familiar. I recommend it and I also recommend seeing it in 3D. It was just stunning.